A downloadable game for Windows

It is a 2d Platform ,Side Scrolling and Adventure game. I was inspired to make this game by many old platform games like Contra , Mario Adventure of Island . There are various types of monsters, animals, and human enemies . Each with a different way of attacking . There are many traps, some easy and some hard to dodge. Levels are designed so that the player would face challenges each time he goes further . Level Designing is inspired by Mario and Prince of Persia to challenge the players. difficulty rises the further the player goes .There are a total 5 levels till now . The theme of the game is colorful to make it look appealing and beautiful. There are tons of animations. More updates are coming soon by the end of August .

More Levels, more enemies , boss improve UI and AI.

Install instructions

On Windows: 
1) Download the file (click the "download now" on this page)
2) Right click on the downloaded zip and "Extract All" to a folder.
3) Enter the new folder and run "Crazy_Planet.exe"


Crazy Plannet.zip 37 MB


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Good game babe

thankyou for playing

Good game!!

thankyou for playing